Sunday, 17 April 2011

EASO in PACE Resolution on large-scale arrivals at Europe's southern shores

On 14th April, the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly adopted Resolution 1805 (2011) entitled The large-scale arrival of irregular migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees on Europe’s southern shores.

The resolution takes stock of the current asylum/migration scenario playing out at the southern borders of Europe, a direct consequence of the on-going conflicts in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. In essence, the resolution is a series of important recommendations to all CoE’s member states in acknowledgement of the Europe-wide impact of the conflicts and of refugees fleeing north Africa to reach European safety.

The recommendations include:
  • effective European responsibility-sharing;
  • humanitarian support to all arrivals, including appropriate reception arrangements;
  • avoidance of detention;
  • special consideration for vulnerable persons;
  • respect for the right to seek asylum;
  • increased support for Frontex;
  • support to UNHCR, IOM, ICRC and other organisations;
  • participation in resettlement programmes;
  • support to Tunisia, Egypt and Libya;
  • legal migration channels.
Point 12.8.1 of the resolution also specifically recommends states to increase their support to EASO.

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