Monday, 21 March 2011

NGOs on the Consultative Forum - EKD

I’m happy to post additional NGO feedback on the Consultative Forum, this time from the Brussels Office of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD).

In response to my queries, EKD replied as follows:

What advice would EKD give EASO for when it starts work on the structure, procedure and similar elements of the Consultative Forum?

By implementing Art. 51 on the Consultative Forum EASO must ensure that an efficient and formalised mechanism for the exchange of information and pooling of knowledge is established. According to the EP resolution on EASO it shall ensure that there is a close dialogue with the relevant stakeholders taking into account their respective expertise. EASO should set the basic criteria for participation based on representativeness and expertise. It will be important to identify together with the respective civil society organisations a feasible frequency of the exchange, but also to be clear about nature and relevance of the consultations. How is the expertise of the Consultative Forum mirrored in the overall EASO policy?

What can members of the Consultative Forum do to ensure it's efficiency and its effectiveness?

By asking for a functioning methodology on how to involve the different players and their specific contributions in a sustainable way, but also by making sure that the civil society input is taken into account.

What would be EKD’s top three substantive priorities for the Consultative Forum?
  • sharing of independent and accurate country of origin information
  • contribute to the training of asylum officials in the EU by sharing expertise and first hand information
  • develop best practice examples, e.g. on cooperation between the different parties when it comes to the reception and integration of resettled refugees.

Thanks a million to EKD for their much-appreciated feedback.

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