Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Launch of aditus...a new NGO on human rights access

You’ll notice a new page just added to this blog, under the heading aditus. aditus (Latin for ‘access’) is a Malta-based NGO I recently established with the primary aim of seeking to monitor & strengthen access to human rights. This will be done through a number of activities including human rights reporting, operational projects, advocacy and public information. Since it is a new NGO based primarily on my own experiences, the initial focus will clearly be asylum & migration...other areas I’ve been professionally involved in are also covered, such as LGBTI rights & general international human rights law.

The aditus website is under construction, but the tab on this blog gives information on our aims and planned activities. I also envisage that eventually this EASO Monitor blog will be absorbed by aditus, but I’ll be giving more information on this as it materialises...also to make sure you keep your links/FB/Twitter updated!

Establishing new networks and strengthening existing ones is clearly an immediate priority, as well as funding...we want to become operational as soon as possible so please do get in touch with us if you want additional information or are looking for NGO partners in this region!

In the coming days we’ll be setting up FB and Twitter stay tuned!

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