Monday, 28 March 2011

Frontex/EASO in Greece...clarification received

Following a number of earlier posts on the situation in Greece and Frontex’s RABITs team operational there, I received clarification from Frontex’s Press Office Team on the ‘conversion’ of the RABIT’s team into an EASO asylum support team...over which there must some confusion, also in the media.

According to Frontex:

“The Frontex RABIT operation has been “converted” into a long term land borders joint operations called JO Poseidon Land, similar to other land joint operations we have run in the past.  This is entirely separate from any work EASO may be doing in support of the Greek authorities.

Frontex deals exclusively with the coordination of operational cooperation in border control and not with the asylum processes of member states.  In other words, (Frontex’s) work stops at the detection and identification stage...When EASO is fully up and running (Frontex) of course intend(s) to sign a working agreement with the Agency in order to cooperate and provide added value at EU level where appropriate.”

Many thanks to the Frontex Press Office Team for the prompt clarification.

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