Wednesday, 2 March 2011

FAQ on the EU's activities in Greece

A Dutch news site EuropaNu just published a relatively comprehensive FAQ on the current situation in Greece, focusing on what the EU is doing and plans to do with Greece’s asylum and migration problems. In a revealing exercise of shifting priorities, Greece is clearly no longer the EU’s major headache as focus has shifted towards the Mediterranean’s central/southern shores...or rather towards the waves that could reach the EU from these shores.

The FAQ is primarily centered on Frontex and its activities in Greece, but in providing information on the broader, more long-term perspective reference is made to EASO and its role in solidarity within the CEAS framework:

What else does the EU do to show solidarity with Greece?

...The newly created European Asylum Support Office in Malta will soon be in a position to assist Member States confronted with difficult situations, such as in case of significant inflows of asylum seekers...

On the Greek action plan on asylum:

...The European Asylum Support Office (EASO) will contribute further to the support of Greece for the implementation of its Action Plan. The issue will remain a priority over the next few years...”

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