Sunday, 6 February 2011

Putting EASO on the map

I've received a number of queries re. the exact location of the EASO premises.  I decided to drive past there this afternoon, just to confirm my understanding of the information made public.  

The full address is Xatt l-Għassara in the town of Marsa, situated towards the innermost part of the Grand Harbour.  It's not exactly a picturesque area, since it's close to Malta's maritime industry centre.  Its proximity to Valletta, and the possible views of the Grand Harbour are certainly redeeming elements.  

The map below should give a much better idea of the Office's precise location.  Zoom in and out to get a better perspective, and to gauge its distance from, amongst others, the Malta International Airport, Valletta and the detention and open centres for migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers. 

View Larger Map

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