Sunday, 27 February 2011

ECRE's recommendations on persons fleeing Libya...EASO may have a role

On Friday ECRE launched an appeal to European governments to ensure safety for all persons fleeing Libya.

ECRE highlights the need for border operations to have an international protection component, so as to ensure access to asylum procedures for those persons who cannot be returned to Libya. ECR also recommends that if the situation were to escalate, as some EU MS are fearing, the Temporary Protection Directive is available to immediately granted protection status to all persons, which status would then enable the intra-EU relocation of such persons.

EASO is also included in the recommendations, in view of its authority to deploy national asylum experts to the EU MS facing large numbers of arrivals. As ECRE points out “(A)lthough the agency is not yet operational, ad hoc solutions can be found if need be.”

Finally, ECRE welcomes the Commission’s decision to suspend framework agreement discussions with Libya. We all hope the Commission, and possibly some MS, has learnt its lesson.

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