Friday, 25 February 2011

EASO in the JHA Council (24-25 February)

Yesterday and today the Interior Ministers of all EU MS are meeting in Brussels for the JHA Council meeting.

According to the meeting’s background note and agenda, an exchange of views was envisaged with Mr. Robert Visser, EASO’s Executive Director.

The exchange of views did happen yesterday, as reported in the Council’s press statement. The statement reports that the Ministers met Visser, many for the first time since his appointment, and had the opportunity of learning about EASO’s recent developments.

“Mr Visser briefed the Council on developments in relation to EASO, in particular as regards the steps being made to set up the agency, the agency's first work programme for 2011 and first planned operations. It is expected that EASO will become fully operational on 19 June 2011 as foreseen in the regulation setting up the office.”

No further or more substantive details on the discussion are provided. Hopefully this information will be forthcoming in the next couple of days, as we are all keen to see how Visser plans to respond to the current situations in Greece and North Africa.

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