Friday, 4 February 2011

Details on the call for Seconded National Experts...

Following my earlier post regarding the Commission’s call for SNE’s, a call document has actually been made available on the site of the Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration (pdf document).

The call is entitled ‘SNE5...’, an indication that the call is probably not for one SNE, but for at least five SNEs. Details as follows:

Place - Malta with frequent stay in other MS;

Period - at least 9 months starting from March;

Objectives - to assist the Executive Director in performing tasks related to the coordination of Operating Plans and Asylum Support Teams in Greece (didn’t I mention this earlier?);

Main responsibility areas - Assisting the Executive Director in coordinating the implementation of Operating Plans and Asylum Support Teams in Greece in support of the Greek Action Plan; working with the co-ordinator of the Asylum Intervention Pool in the activities linked to the interface between the EASO and Greece and members of the support teams; monitoring the deployment and reporting to the EASO on all aspects of the deployment; organising necessary meetings.

Contact details, requirements and application procedure are also provided. Although this document is published on the Slovenian government site, it is safe to assume that all Management Board members (and therefore all MS) received these calls from the Commission.

How will they be handled by the authorities? Will they be made public? Will they be used as a tool to ensure government-friendly staff-members working at EASO’s highest levels? Is this the first step towards a wholly government-controlled EU agency, on the same lines as Frontex?

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