Monday, 17 January 2011

Visser hearing with LIBE Committee

In relation to my earlier post regarding the selection of Mr. Robert Visser as Executive Director, some information on the European Parliament’s LIBE Committee hearing (Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs) of 9th December 2010 (minutes available here). According to Article 30 of the Regulation, before formal appointment, Visser was required to present a statement before the committee and to answer any questions put to him. Following this session, the EP is also authorised to submit its opinion on the candidate.

The meeting minutes do not give any details as to the questions asked and their respective answers, limiting information to who asked questions: Simon Busuttil, Sylvie Guillaume, Renate Weber, Judith Sargentini, Rui Tavares, Monika Hohlmeier, Emine Bozkurt, Sophia in ’t Veld, Cecila Wikstr√∂m and Jean Lambert. Following these Q&A session, the Commitee held a session in camera.

I also tried watching the session’s recording, but Visser’s audio is totally lost amidst the several interpreters. In case you’re interested, the video is available here.

Additional information is available on ECRE’s Weekly Bulletin of 10th December, where the Committee’s favourable opinion is confirmed and where we see that Visser informed the MEPs that his focus would be to:

  • ensure a functioning Office in 2011;
  • support the implementation of the relevant components of the Greek national Action Plan;
  • encourage and support practical cooperation between MS;
  • assume a leadership role in specific projects (European Asylum Curriculum, intra-EU relocation scheme for Malta, interpreters pool);
  • foster increased cooperation with the Fundamental Rights Agency and UNHCR and, in the second part of 2011, with civil society.

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