Tuesday, 18 January 2011

EASO profile so far

From the information available so far, the following EASO profile can be established:

Name - European Asylum Support Office

DOB - 19th May 2010

Legal Basis - Regulation (EU) No 439/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 May 2010 establishing a European Asylum Support Office

Location - Marsa, Malta

Leadership - shared between the Management Board and the Executive Director

Management Board - composed of 1 representative of each MS (“operational heads of the MS asylum administrations”), 2 representatives of the Commission, 1 member from UNHCR (non-voting). 1 member 1 vote system, with decisions taken on absolute majority

1st Management Board Meeting - 25th, 26th November 2010, attended by approximately 80 persons

2nd Management Board Meeting - reportedly 4th February 2011

Budget - reportedly €5.25 million for 2011 and a total of €40 million for the first 3 years (2011-2013)

Reporting - Executive Director presents the annual report to the European Parliament

Evaluation - an independent and external evaluation shall be commissioned by not later than 19th June 2014

Executive Director - 5-year appointment renewable for not more than additional 3 years

1st Executive Director - Mr. Robert K. Visser (Dutch, DOB 1954)

Staff - reportedly an initial group of 60 persons, to reach 120 by the end of 2013

Civil Society - To be gathered within the Consultative Forum, although the modalities are as yet unknown

UNHCR - Non-voting member of the Management Board, ex officio member of the Consultative Forum, to be specifically consulted on specific issues “within the framework of working arrangements”, possible EASO financing of its activities

1st operational priority - Greece

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