Monday, 17 January 2011

Amnesty International on EASO

Together with UNHCR and ECRE, Amnesty International also published its position and comments on the Commission’s proposal to establish EASO. AI’s position, published on 20th April 2010, may be summarised as follows:

“Overall, Amnesty International welcomes the Commission Proposal and believes that the EASO has potential to provide added value in order to support member states to enhance protection standards through practical cooperation as well as analysis of administrative practice. However, Amnesty International also believes that there must be enhanced transparency with regard to its activities and the collection of information on countries of origin, that the role and involvement of NGOs in EASO␣s bodies and activities should be more firmly consolidated, and that its cooperation with other EU agencies and third countries should be properly defined and clarified.”

A number of recommendations are presented, including:

  • increased transparency of asylum procedures and decisions, inter alia, with reference to the proposed common portal for country of origin information;
  • further clarity of the conditions and criteria for the assessment of a situation of ‘particular pressure’ in the context of requests for deployment of asylum support teams;
  • participation of a representative of the Consultative Forum during Management Board meetings;
  • definition of EASO’s role with regard to CEAS’ external dimension.
AI’s document is available here (pdf).

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